Dr Julia Sen, Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon
    Dr Julia Sen, Consultant Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon


      May 19, 2022

      Morpheus8 Three Months On

      Three months ago we launched our new Morpheus8 and invited one of our clients to put this innovative micro-needling treatment to the test. We caught up […]
      February 3, 2022

      Show Your Skin Some Love!

      Valentine’s Day might be all romantic nights out and red roses, but I like to think that it’s also the perfect time to show your complexion […]
      January 12, 2022

      Pucker Up For Valentine’s Day

      Throughout history big lips have been seen as sexy and feminine … no surprise then, that fillers are one of the most asked-for facial procedures. But […]
      December 8, 2021

      Don’t rush in to ‘tweakments’

      Whether it was staring at ourselves over zoom or 18 months of added stress, it seems the Pandemic has created a boom in ‘tweakments’. But with […]
      November 17, 2021
      Calecim professional multi action cream, feel fabulous for Christmas, dr Julia Sen

      Feel fabulous for Christmas

      As we countdown to Christmas, there’s still time to boost your confidence for the festive party season with an innovative range of high-tech treatments and skincare […]
      August 21, 2021
      teeth grinding Tooth,Ache,Concept.,Indoor,Shot,Of,Young,Male,Feeling,Pain,

      Are you a bruxist?

      Bruxism or teeth grinding is defined as “repetitive jaw-muscle activity characterised by clenching or grinding of the teeth or by bracing or thrusting of the mandible […]
      July 1, 2021
      dr Julia Sen cosmetic surgeon

      You look great … For your age

      Someone said this to my mum recently. As much as it was intended to be a compliment, she was incensed!  Now in her 70s, she still […]